Between 6 to 8 weeks for a single storey  depending on the actual size but not very long at all

Each extension  is a different size and specification therefore it is impossible to give an accurate quotation without visiting the property and running through the specification in detail. But a basic single extension  is in the region of £28,500 +VAT for a single straightforward extension and can reach a higher level for a very large extension

Yes certainly and one of our staff will undertake the extension and project manage this from day one enabling yo to deal with the same person the whole way through with the back up of our company.​

Some extensions require planning permission and we shall check this prior to commencing your new extension and all conversions require building regulations to enable them to achieve the adequate heat values and health and safety requirements now that they shall be habitable room or rooms. We shall take care of all the plans and deal with all the building control and local council.

​Not at all we can usually complete a extension and knock through on the last few days keeping your home clean and tidy whilst we carry out the works. All driveways shall be covered and materials and tools stacked neatly on a daily basis.

Yes we are insured and yes a ten year guarantee will be issued for your new project upon your final payment.

We take a very small deposit as we always believe that the money needs to be in place for when your extension commences, we also have a payment schedule which is easy and simple meaning funds can be transferred through your bank at the agreed times and dates. A small extension can usually be made in two payments keeping it as straight forward as possible for us all.

Simply fill in the enquiry form and some one will contact you within 24hrs to arrange a home visit and hopefully get your new extension underway.