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SM Construction are Sheffield Builders providing house extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions, roof work and home improvements in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

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Our Approach

We hear too many builders saying

“It’s not all about the customers” well yes it is.

“I’m fed up of them moaning” – well perhaps if things was right this wouldn’t be a problem.

“They think they own me” – no they don’t People spend a lot of money and just want good service.

“They want everything for nothing” –  no this is not the case everyone likes a bargain.

“Builders taking large deposits” – We have a legal contract and only require a small deposit.

Basically if you go into a supermarket then you expect the shelves to be full , you expect a smile form the staff , you choose what you require, if theres a bargain to be had then this is good too and now you pay for your shopping and go away happy.

Well this is what you get with S M Construction as we guarantee you will leave happy.

Simon Meadows

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Exol Lubricants Works

Part of our team working at the UK's largest independent oil company.

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Our New Apprentice

Our new apprentice Kieren just completed his first Indian stone patio. Great job Kieren !!!

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